Solo Leg of the Journey!

Well the next leg is upon me! Peter is on the “City of New Orleans” chugging his way back to Minnie! I am so appreciative that he came along on the first part of the journey…..not sure I would have gotten this far without him! We had fun, and he bolstered me big time.

I am now solo. I have kale, brussel sprouts, an avocado, two tins of wonderful crackers, two sleeping bags, 4 dark chocolate bars, lots of art supplies, two bottles of Peter’s home made Elderberry wine, google maps, Ollie McNutt, Hoya, his favorite houseplant, Jack the Dog, my two burner Coleman stove, and then there is the trailer! I guess I am set. I have one more night in the Micotel in Pearl River, Louisiana, and then “on the road again, I just can’t wait to get on the road again.” We avoided some cold and rainy weather by taking a few nights in this hotel, but now I have a reservation at a state park in Mississippi on the Gulf Coast. I guess it will still be cold, but I am going. Yep.

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