Margo McCreary and her Traveling Puppet Trailer will be touring six St. Paul “passive parks” and one community garden with a family-friendly puppet show called “The Sleeping Child.”
It will be performed at the following locations in St. Paul on the following dates and times:

Hamline Park, Tuesday July 24th, 6:00PM at 1654 LaFond Ave, Friends of Hamline Park.
Aldine Park, Wednesday July 25th, (rain date: July 26th), 1:45, 1717 Iglehart Ave.
Merriam Station Community Garden, Saturday July 28th, two shows: 12:30 and 2:30 PM, corner of Prior Ave and Gilbert.
Boyd Park, Thursday August 2, (MLK Rec Center if rain), 1:45PM, 335 Selby Ave.
Dunning Park, Wednesday August 8th (rain date: Aug. 9th), 1:45, 1221 Marshall Ave.
Mattocks Park, Tuesday August 14th (rain date: Aug. 15th) 1:45, 441 S. Macalester St.
Marydale Park, Saturday September 22nd, Fall Festival, 1:00PM, 542 Maryland Ave.

With our family show, “The Sleeping Child,” we bring lively puppet theater to six smaller neighborhood parks (“passive parks”) in St. Paul. The show travels in a home-built trailer that is self-contained and solar-powered, so it can be set up anywhere. Even on a cloudy day, we have electrical power stored in our batteries. We want to share our show with people of all ages and diverse backgrounds in the neighborhoods surrounding the parks. Our show provides entry into the compelling energy of live theater. In the realm of puppetry, specifically, we will treat audiences to skillfully crafted and animated puppets. There is live music and original songs.

The story follows the plight of a mother and her children who have been pushed out of yet another home. One of the children has fallen asleep in her hopelessness. The Sleeping Child takes a dream journey. She is guided to some special places by a magical Sprite, who helps the child find the impetus to wake from her extended sleep and help her family find a home. In these particularly harsh times in our country, we hope to create a show that inspires naturalized American citizens to develop greater empathy, and a stance of hospitality toward immigrants.

“The Sleeping Child” is a puppet show with original songs and music composed by Marya Hart. It is a new production of an original script written by Ms. Hart. Puppets are created by Margo McCreary. The show is performed by Zoe Hollander, Emma Mingo, and Margo McCreary, with pianist Marya Hart, and percussionist, Bruce Wintervold.

“This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.”
We also have funds from The Midway Men’s Club, IPS Solar, St. Paul Parks and Recreation, and sponsoring neighborhood organizations.