Tender Parts

I just did the dishes in the dark and made a small attempt to get organized since I will be moving on tomorrow after three nights at St. Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach, Florida. There is water all around this park and on one side, the Gulf of Mexico. Today was sunny from sun-up to days end, and that might be a first of such a commitment to sun and warmth! I did a bit of art at my picnic table this morning, and then headed out to walk the shore of the lagoon until I reached the Gulf. I met a woman who walked at water’s edge in her bare feet, and it looked appealing, so I copied! The wind blew all day, and the sound of the water and the strong wind was a companion for my wandering. I looked for scallop shells that are intact and in various sizes that I love to stack. I have found a surprising number of fingernail sized “baby” scallop shells including one that was a quarter inch wide. I guess those creatures shed their shells as they grow. I am studying hermit crabs for the shadow show I am creating, and watched a video of the crab moving from one shell to another. They really do not want their tender parts to be exposed for a second longer than necessary.

I find myself assessing at various times what exactly my tender parts want to be doing. I am alone, so it is an internal dialogue that is simple. My brain is still busy, but I take time to look closely, and feel the air. Wind is mind altering for me. Anyone else feel that way? I feel that I can get lost in time in the wind. I saw a snowy egret with long elegant feathers that were blowing in the wind, but what really got me were her yellow feet at the end of her long black legs.

There are no puppet shows these days, however, I did make a valiant attempt at a show this past Saturday when I drove to Navarre Beach. I decided I was going to set up in a parking lot at the beach, but first I came to the Welcome Center where there was a playground filled with children. My trailer needed to be parked away from the action to be out of traffic, but I brought out Ollie McNutt and his banana and put him on. I heard screams of delight from a few corners of the playground, and a girl dragged her dad over to greet Ollie. She befriended Ollie immediately! Then this boy ran and stopped ten feet in front of Ollie and cocked his head to one side and then to the other. Ollie followed his lead, so the kid put his arms up, Ollie too, and then he snapped them down to his side, ….Ollie too. Then he started running this way and that. Kids are so ready to engage. It is inspiring. No need for a word spoken, just physical antics! So the show was really Ollie and 4 kids who dragged him here and there seeing what they could get him to do!! It was fun, and silly. The beach parking lot was a wash since people park their cars and then walk pretty far to the ocean! Ah well!

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