Tchefuncte River Tales

Peter and I have landed at Fairview Riverside State Park in Madisonville, Louisiana! This state park is on the Tchefuncte River which flows into Lake Ponchartrain. We are near the north side of the lake! After getting help to back the trailer up onto the parking pad at site 44, we settled in by starting to organize systems to find the various “necessities” of the day to day camping! Our trailer looks tiny and odd in the sea of shiny and huge tin cans with expandable sides and names like “Tour Master”, “Allegro”, “Panther”, “Cougar”, “Meridian,” “Fleet Fornicator”, “Flying Fortress”….. make up some of your own! I should have taken a photo when we were surrounded, but now as Sunday afternoon advances, the ranks have thinned. People stop to take photos, to ask questions, and are definitely charmed by the quirky “Road Vole” (trying on names for size). One man named Chester wants to build his own teardrop trailer and was so pleased to look inside and see the steel frame that Bow (Willis Bowman, master engineer) welded together to be the bones. I pulled out Jack the Dog to meet this inquisitive little guy nicknamed “E-E”, and his stand-offish sister, but that is it for puppets so far! I have been working out some material to make sense of Ollie McNutt being on the road since I brought his silly props with which he riffs on the word “where, wear, ware.” I decided that he is on an extensive treasure hunt looking for the next clue. “Leave no rock unturned!” Meanwhile, Jack is finally on his “Scamp Adventures,” which I will need to flesh out big-time! I wonder what doggie stuff he will get into?

Peter is enjoying the photographic opportunities that all the cypress trees and knees (those knobs that grow out of the water) offer and the moody Spanish Moss waving in breezes. We are so lucky to be on the road and today, I hate to say it, but we are wearing shorts and looking for shade!