Puppet Trailer heads to the Gulf Coast!!

I am heading out of town on an adventure with my puppet trailer…going south, so as I finish up a puppet residency out at Highland Elementary School in Edina, my plate is full of preparations for the road! I have converted a tall and narrow cupboard with three drawers and some shelves into a rolling unit that I can move out of the way when it is time to perform. That shelf will house hardware and canned goods, puppet supplies, and toiletries! I am definitely taking the caulking gun and a couple of tubes of caulk to keep leaks at bay. Bow welded a sturdy eye hook onto the metal frame of the trailer so I could hang my hammock, but sadly my hammock is too long for the space! Best laid plans …. I will be taking a tent since the trailer is not really set up for sleeping, but if it is raining it would be great to have a place to hang out! I do have have solar panels on the trailer, and have a picture in my mind of a table and two chairs with a lamp plugged in for some cozy evening visiting or reading! I plan to do some performing with Jack the Dog, Ollie McNutt, and I will bring a shadow screen and work on a show to perform at night! I hope to engage people in campgrounds with the art of puppetry and see if they might have a talent to share. Alice Brown will be joining me for the back end of my journey, and had a cool idea of eliciting stories with a grab bag of evocative items. It is an experimental venture, and puts into play my idea that people are aching to be sparked with something unusual….happenstance! It is sparking me!