When will it be above freezing?

Well, Peter and I are on the road zooming south and seeking warmth! We decided to get as far south of Memphis as we could this evening since there are threats of freezing rain and sleet in the forecast. It has been freakin’ COLD down here so far, and perhaps not even above 50 degrees for our first camping spot on Lake Ponchartrain tomorrow. We are settled for now in a motel in Winona, Mississippi, with the car and mighty little trailer nestled between idling semi trucks on the gravel. Peter is playing his fiddle and practicing a piece called “Hell on the Wabash” that Jack the Dog can shake a leg to, should he decide to perform for anyone anytime soon!

We had a sweet visit with friend, Kevin, in St. Louis. He put us up, and gave us tours of his old haunts, (we danced  and belted out “Had to Cry Today” by Blind Faith on the very spot to commemorate the moment when Kevin dedicated himself to his music) Kevin also took us to The Living Insights Center that is a small house with rooms filled to overflowing with religious objects and relics from many different traditions, and each relic has a story. Everywhere you look there is statue, rock, candle, icon, picture. Visiting there was a rich and numinous experience. Before we went in, Peter and I were so hungry that we almost opted for getting a snack somewhere rather than visit, but we decided to go in and stay for a short time. As it turned out, Jack, the visionary of the center, curator, and keeper of the collection, could only take us on a short tour which seemed perfect! But one story turned into many stories and we were eating out of Jack’s hands, and not thinking about food at all! He played a giant crystal singing bowl for us, and we had all that vibration rumbling around in our heads, chests, and bones. Gracious! Thanks to Kevin and his woman friend, Linda who invited us in for a music party after dinner!